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The Plot Thickens

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Magicians experience a torrent of new methods but just a trickle of new plots. It's time for a change. And the change starts here! 22 fresh plots with everything from bottles to bubbles and photos to false teeth.

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INVISIBLE MAN: Convince a spectator that they've vanished.
FLAMING VOODOO: A spectator stares at a piece of paper and it bursts into flames.
TOUCHING TRANSPOSITION: Forget sight,fool their sense of touch.
X-RAY COIN: A spectator swallows an initialed coin and it appears on an X-ray of their stomach.
SECRET SERVICE LOAD: Divine the serial number of a bill in the spectator's wallet without ever going near it.
Plus 17 more impossibilities. 87 large format pages. Photo illustrations. Perfect bound.

5 for £5 ebook series:

5 for £5: Coffee

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5 tricks for whenever you're having coffee. Whether you're in a coffee shop, at home, or in a meeting, you'll find something sweet inside.


SHAKEN AND STIRRED: A great force with an added sprinkle of magic.
LINKING COFFEE RINGS: Two coffee stains 'link'.
THE CUP CAVITY: An ingenius use for those ubiquitous paper cups.
TOFFEE AND CEA: Two drinks swap places - they won't believe their tastebuds.
TEA BRAG: An against-the-kettle challenge with a memorable revelation.

5 for £5: Kids

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5 tricks to keep the little monsters entertained. Material for formal shows and informal showings.


FRONKEE: Strange animal combinations and a warped revelation in a trick for the whole family.
ACHOO: A card trick that's gross, but in a good way.
MMM...LACES: A classic of magic + a new prop = an engaging routine with a logical presentation.
WELL, BLOW ME: Frantic fun with a party blower prediction.
LEGO GO GO: A kid shakes together a Lego model.

5 for £5: Stage

Order now for just a fiver ($7.02)

5 tricks for stage, stand-up and/or platform work. Playful effects that play big, with cards, cars and more.


SPECTATOR BLINDFOLD DRIVE: A spectator drives a remote-control car over playing cards and you predict which one they park on.
TED VADER: An audio revelation that's deeply strange and most amusing.
TRUST NO ONE: Prove that the audience are up to their own tricks.
SAY WHAT YOU SEE: You supposedly fail to guess a chosen photo, then show that it's staring them in the face.
CRASH BANG WALLOP WHAT A PRETTY PICTURE: The classic pulling-away-the-tablecloth stunt goes oh so wrong...then oh so right.